Embarcation Fishing

( summer time )

Why not take a fishing trip here where nature offers some of the most amazing views? A place where you will find and fish Ouananiche; A fish with a spectacular combat history.

    The yellow doré is  a much conveted fish, it also has the reputation for being one of the most delectable fish to eat.

    With that, you will have the chance of a halt-diner on one of our lake's beach islands. With our professional guide at your service, you will no doubt spend a memorable day on this fully equiped embarcation.

Prices :

1 Fisher: 250.00 / per day

2  Fishers: 350.00 / per day

3 Fishers : 450.00 / per day

4 Fishers : 550.00 / per day

*Free for a accompanying person. (groupe of 3 or 4)

** Free for kids under 14 yrs old.

*** Fishing gear and evisceration is provided.

**** You will need your fishing permits and lake access-rights with you on site. ( we will inform where and how to purchase them)

***** Special Prices for 2 days available

1- Action Garanteed or the following day FREE. If there is no action after 2 days, you will be refunded 50% of the price payed.

2- 100.00$ refund for a doré or a Ouananiche of 6 lbs or + ( applicable on June 1st)